GPT Summer internship program

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This internship program is created to accelerate the implementation of AI in Sweden. It is a way for AI Sweden partners to work with high-performance graduate student teams in a ten-week program to investigate the use of GPT models to improve competitiveness and performance in their organizations. 

Here you will have the possibility to read about their work and the identified use cases. 

The participating partner organizations are:

  • Chalmers/MIT
  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Västra Götalandsregionen)
  • Zenseact
Teams of graduate students work on industry-relevant questions related to GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models, as proposed by AI Sweden partners from both the public and private sectors. The program will end with a knowledge sharing event on August 29th.

Students receive mentorship from experienced professionals at leading Big Tech companies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of GPT models and their practical applications. Access to cutting-edge computing resources will be provided by Microsoft, enabling the teams to develop and fine-tune GPT models and APIs efficiently.

The internship will culminate in a grand final event, where students will present their findings and achievements to all partners involved. This event will serve as a platform to share learnings, discuss challenges, and explore future collaborations between the academic and industrial realms.

Teams will be awarded for excellence in the following categories:

  • Accelerating applied AI in Sweden
    - Impact on operations at one or more of AI Sweden's partners
  • Invest together and share with many
    - Best documentation that can be used by most AI Sweden partners
  • Leading with speed and boldness
    - Most original solution

The program participants are graduate students currently pursuing a Master's or Ph.D. degree in a field relevant to the scope of the program. Teams consist of machine learning, data science and software development competencies.