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AI Sweden is the national center for applied artificial intelligence, jointly funded by the Swedish government and our partners, both public and private. Our mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden.

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2023-10-06 08:29 Page Swedish

“Above all else, show the data”.

- Edward R Tufte

Det här är en start för dig som vill veta mer om databeredskap, eller som kanske börjat lite smått men behöver mer stöd på vägen. Om du anser dig vara helt ny på området AI eller data föreslår vi att du börjar med att titta på Starta din AI-resa.


Utbildningen är helt onlinebaserad och består av  tre fristående områden. Inom de olika områdena hittar du olika resurser, så som texter, video och verktyg för vidare arbete.

Förutsättningar tar upp just förutsättningar för ditt projekt, frågor som berör rätt data eller var din data finns, samt lärdomar från Databeredskapsverkstadens fallstudier. 

Metoder för datahantering innehåller praktiska verktyg och metoder för hur du kan jobba med din data, samt fler lärdomar från fallstudierna.

Och slutligen, i Analys och datadrivet beslutsfattande finns resurser om analyser och att fatta datadrivna beslut. Mer lärdomar från fallstudierna och bra samling med länkar till guider och andra genomgångar.

Observera att vissa delar av resurser i utbildningen är på engelska.

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We want to further develop and improve My AI together with our users and get your thoughts and wishes better integrated in our future work with the platform. Therefore we invite all users to participate in My AI Reference Group. Everyone who participates will take part in the development of the platform on a more structured and continuous level. You will get the chance to partake in for instance user tests, brainstorming and strategic workshops and share your thoughts and opinions regarding the platform. This is a great opportunity to participate in and influence the future of My AI, to be a part of the further development and improvement of the first AI community platform of its kind!

If you are interested in participating in My AI Reference Group, please fill in your details below and we will contact you in the near future!

If you have any questions regarding the reference group, you are welcome to get in touch with us at:

Best regards,

Irina Balog
Product Owner My AI

2023-05-04 15:39 Weblink Opportunities
This transformative program is created to accelerate the implementation of AI in Sweden. It is a way for AI Sweden partners to work with high-performance graduate student teams in a ten-week program to investigate the use of GPT models to improve competitiveness and performance in their organizations. Participating student teams will be located at AI Sweden’s facilities in Stockholm or Gothenburg.
2022-10-17 12:14 Video
Grab your favourite cup of coffee and enjoy listening in to a keynote and a fireside chat with AI and sustainability experts from the Nordics and Silicon Valley moderated by Silicon Vikings discussing how AI can be a driving force in transforming towards a more sustainable society. We will deep dive into how AI can be used as an enabler and driving force for creating more sustainable industries and organisations, what are the opportunities today, and more importantly, how ready are we to make the changes needed? Presented by Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, AI Sweden/Silicon Vikings. Keynote PhD. Victor Galaz, Deputy Director, Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University Victor Galaz's research focuses on financial systems, and their connection to large-scale environmental change with global non-linear climate repercussions. He is deputy director and associate professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre Fireside chat PhD. Sohini Roychowdhury, Founding team, Director AI/ML Curriculum at FourthBrain Sohini believe in out-of-the-box solutions being applied to real world problems. As an Industrial-Academic AI expert, she has had the privilege of working on a wide range of problems ranging from automated pathology detection from medical images, epidemiological modeling, to autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems and data science applied to e-Commerce. Peiman Momeni, Head of Sales, Peltarion Currently, Peiman works as the head of Sales at Peltarion. Peltarion is a company that strives at making AI more accessible for every individual and orgnaisation as we are certain about the positive impact that AI can bring. Prior to joining Peltarion, Peiman spent 7 years at ABB in various positions. Anette Nordvall, Tech Investor and Environmentalist Active Early Stage Tech Investor and Environmentalist, focusing on the New Nordic markets of ICT, Deep-tech Science based innovation; while adding for profit Impact, Diversity, Environment and Race to Zero. Climate Reality Leader as well as Appreciated Board member, Public speaker and accomplished Astrologer and Business leader.
I AI för ledare får du som lyssnare möta några av Sveriges främsta experter inom AI och lyssna till vad de tycker att du som chef och ledare skall veta om Artificiell Intelligens.

AI för ledare är en podcast med Peter Kurzwelly från AI Sweden.

2021-09-27 11:08 Video Knowledgebase
What is a Transformer and what is the difference between the current models? This seminar provides an overview over the Transformer architecture for language models, and discusses the differences between the currently most popular models (e.g. BERT, GPT, RoBERTa, ALBERT, XLNet, Electra, etc.). Amaru Cuba Gyllensten and Evangelia Gogoulou RISE Research Institutes of Sweden NLU Group Swedish NLP Webinars, 20 January 2021
2021-06-07 13:21 Page Tools & Methods
The AI Use Case Canvas is a systematic way to find and identify possible use cases, assess them and finally prioritise them . This is an important part of the process to build your use case portfolio which is the heart of creating scaleable and sustaining business and user value. Download the appropriate templates in your language in the resource section. Partners to AI Sweden can access the original Powerpoint files to adjust and fine tune them for their organisation. These templates should be used with the AI Sweden logo.
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Lindholmspiren 11, Göteborg, Sweden launch

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Competence & Expertise, Data, Ecosystem & Partners, Technology, Usecases & Inspiration


2022-06-14 11:34 Social Media
Our ambition is to share more in-depth thoughts and reflections from some of the brilliant minds working at and with AI Sweden. First out is the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team but more topics and dedicated tabs will follow. Let us know if we’re making any n00b Medium mistakes or if you have any thoughts or ideas.
2022-06-03 09:54 ML Model
GPT-SW3 is a 3.5B parameter autoregressive language model, trained on a 100 GB Swedish corpus.

Model details

GPT-SW3 follows the GPT architecture, as implemented in the Megatron-LM framework. The model consists of 30 Transformer layers, with 32 attention heads each. The embedding dimension is 3072 and the dimension of the feedforward layer is 12288. The tokenizer used is BPE, with a vocabulary size of 50304.



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