University of Gothenburg

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The University of Gothenburg is a multidisciplinary university that dates back to 1891. We consist of eight faculties and 38 departments. We also have a large number of research and centres of expertise that span across several academic disciplines. These disciplines serve as a meeting point for students, researchers and representatives from the commercial, industrial, and public sectors. 

Around 49 000 students and 6 000 staff study and work here, making us one of the largest universities in Northern Europe.


Office / Work location

Universitetsplatsen 1, Göteborg, Sweden launch

Our Specialities

Competence & Expertise, Data, Ecosystem & Partners, Organization, Technology, Usecases & Inspiration, Vision & Strategy
Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Innovation, IT & Software, Legal & Compliance, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Communications, Operations, Research & Development, Sales
Hearing, Creation, Discovery, Prediction, Language, Optimization, Robotics, Vision
Clustering, CNN, Decision Tree, DNN, Explainability and Interpretability, Federated, GAN, Image Analysis, Machine Learning, NLP, Recurrent Neural Networks, Reinforcement, Self/Unsupervised, Supervised, Transformer, Self/Unsupervised
Audio Data, Geospatial Data, Image Data, Sensor Data, Structured Data, Synthetic, Time series, Unstructured Data, Video data