OpenAI API: Fine-Tuning

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Fine-tuning GPT models allows you to submit examples of the types of responses the AI system should provide based on user input. This is a great way of ensuring the system speaks in a voice and tone of your choosing, and eliminates the need for providing a description of the agent before each prompt. 

OpenAI’s API enables you to submit your own fine-tuning training data. In this course, Senior Staff Instructor and AI whisperer Morten Rand-Hendriksen shows you how to fine-tune OpenAI’s GPT models by uploading your own data to create a unique custom model. 

This course takes you through the process of preparing your data, submitting the data for fine-tuning through the OpenAI API, and using the fine-tuned model for regular interactions with the AI API. Fine-tuning GPT provides better performance, enables you to shorten your prompts, and keeps the AI system on track and on target with your business content and context.

Learning objectives

  • Prepare your data for fine-tuning
  • Set up a fine-tuned model
  • Use a fine-tuned model through the API
  • Update an existing fine-tuned model
  • Compare performance between models