Making Good Use Of Large Language Models

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37d ago
LLM has revolutionized the use of AI. But how do you create and train an LLM? And if you use an existing, which LLM’s exists and how can you make good use of an LLM (technically and resposibly)?

This course is for you who wants to understand LLM’s “underneith the hood”, and for you who are in the process of making good use of a LLM by fine tuning it and putting it to use in your business.

This is a one day course, with hands-on coding.


  • What is a LLM? Definitions
  • History of LLM development
  • LLM Design
  • Prompting

Creating LLM’s

  • The Neural Architecture (for example Transfomer models)
  • Model selection, size and scaling
  • The training process
  • How to overcome limitations (for example computing power)
  • Fine tuning of LLM’s with own data
  • RAG (retrieval augmented generation)
  • LLM use cases (with examples)

Ethics and privacy

  • Dealing with prejudice during training
  • Ethics & Privacy


  • Limitations of LLM’s
  • Future trends for development and research

Course prerequisites

  • Foundational ML and AI knowledge, equal the skills from “AI for developers”
  • You will also need a ChatGPT4 account (typically costs $20)
  • Bring a laptop!


AI Engineer, Data Scientist, IT Role, Other role
Automotive, Civil Society, Consulting, Health, Information Technology
Engineering, IT & Software, Research & Development
CNN, DNN, Generative AI, Machine Learning
Audio Data, Image Data, Structured Data, Textual Data, Video data