Optimized facility management with AI driven cleaning plans

Data-driven cleaning management that focus your effort where it needs it most

Empower your staff to focus their time and attention when and where it’s needed. The result: fewer cleaning rounds, higher quality and more motivated co-workers.

Improve quality, optimize your resources and empower your staff with real-time information on visitor numbers from people counters. Access to all the benefits of Digital Cleaning Plans to organize, plan and follow-up on your cleaning. Take the guesswork out of planning with real-time data on visitor numbers so you can direct your cleaners to where and when they are needed the most. Act before you get a complaint and avoid over-, or under cleaning. Reduce complaints with Need-Based Cleaning.

Ensure high-quality cleaning

  • To know when and where service is needed ​
  • Dedicate more time to critical tasks that affect quality
  • Make sure that dispensers are stocked up

Optimise efficiency

  • Reduce dispenser checks
  • Save time spent on cleaning hours
  • Improve cleaning procedures using built-in insights

Deliver on newer hygiene demands:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Ensure access to critical hygiene products
  • Use reporting tools to show adherence to safety regulations

Get updates about cleaning needs through real-time data like refill levels, number of visitors.


Understands the usage of each washroom of the building through a variety of reports (descriptive analytics).


Plan based on usage to avoid empty dispensers.


Get insights into the levels of usage to ease re-ordering (predictive).

Improved customer centricity:

  • Better quality for the customers by having a freshly cleaned and ready washroom
  • Dispensers are always filled

Improved Efficiency: 

  • Move away from static cleaning schedules to need-based work allowing timesaving and boost staff engagement.
  • Carry the right supplies on cleaning rounds​ to avoid multiple trips to the supply cupboard
  • Reduced waste of products by refilling at the right time
  • Efficient staffing
  • Built-in reports

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Better Customer Experience, Better Quality, Saving Cost, Smarter Product or Service
Prediction, Optimization
Machine Learning
Sensor Data, Time series


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Data-driven cleaning means enabling an industry to shift from introducing incremental updates to redefining what cleaning can achieve. It provides facility managers, facility service companies and their cleaning teams with new and smarter ways of working in order to remain competitive, and a new logic for cleaning that not just meets the expectations of increasingly demanding clients and customers, but exceeds them and shapes new ones.
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