Payment delay prediction for customer administration services

Implemented owned by Essity AB
2y ago update
At Customer Admin Services, we are taking care of the orders and the invoices. If an invoice is not paid on time, it has to be blocked. With a prediction of late payment probability, we can become proactive and avoid bed debt and prevent orders from getting blocked. It helps us increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risk.
  • Which orders need to be blocked due to late payment, which customer to contact about orders?
  • Proactively contact customers with high likelihood of late payment
  • Use Machine Learning methods to predict the payment delay depending on the customers previous payment behavior, contract details and customer characteristics
  • Apply the predictive model real time on invoices to predict which customers are most likely to pay late
  • Improved customer centricity: Improve customer relationship while avoiding bad debt. Prevent orders from getting blocked
  • Risk mitigation: Improve credit limit maintenance processes


Accounting & Finance, Customer Service & Support
Better Customer Experience, More Efficient
Machine Learning
Structured Data