Food Bank

The Food Bank AI website connects food banks with donors in Sweden using AI. It takes availability and donation amount (fixed size food bags as units) from the food bank and donor respectively and matches the right fit according to user type i.e. food bank or donor.
Every year around one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally (source: WFP). One of the reasons is that donors such as restaurants, diners and take-aways does donate their remaining food to food banks but with out of idea whether at that particular time, the food bank is ready to accept and cater the donation. On the other hand, food banks can't connect with the donors that are right fit for them on a particular day with regards to their capacity to accept, maintain and distribute the food. Our solution is aiming to determine the feasibility of the Donor/NGO according to their need and match the right fit using an AI model.
The project is the minimal viable product (MVP) that is developed using Python for creating synthetic data, Tensorflow for creating AI model and finally, Streamlit for creating the final web application. The solution is deployed on Streamlit Cloud.
The final solution (version 1) is a web application that can be accessed at

It provides a nice UI with easy to follow instructions at each step of the customer journey. It is a responsive website that can be accessed via any digital device but it is recommended to access it using desktop PC for the best user experience.


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The above website is the first version of the minimal viable product of my initiative to fight hunger and food wastage by connecting NGOs with donors using AI. Feel free to use the app and share your comments. Right now, I am using synthetic dataset and working on improving my model so aside of accuracy of output. Therefore, would appreciate your patience and constructive feed back. 

I would love to connect with you at Linkedin. My profile address is:

Lastly, I am looking for employment opportunities (either on-premises or remote is fine) so if you happen to know any, feel free to pass it on. 




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