Teaching & Learning with ChatGPT: Opportunity or Quagmire?

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add_circle_outline 2023-03-13
During January, MIT's Teaching and Learning Lab engaged in a project to explore the use generative AI tools such as ChatGPT in teaching.

The authors observe that "The inescapable reality is that ChatGPT and other AI writers are here, and students are going to use them. Trying to prevent the use of these new tools is likely to be a losing battle." A number of important questions are asked and addressed in the blog, including

  • Can these tools help us to more effectively meet existing desired goals for learning outcomes?
  • How might these tools prompt us to reconsider goals for student learning?
  • Are there levels of higher-order thinking that we’d like students to achieve, and if so, can AI tools help them get there?
  • Does the technology enable students to engage more meaningfully and authentically with the course material and/or the discipline overall? 
  • How can we redesign our assignments and assessments to leverage these tools to better support authentic and meaningful student learning?

This three part blog-post is a "must read" for those in higher education and all the questions in there should be discussed and answered in all academic departments to be sure students are given the best possible education for their future. A final quote from the MIT blog: "Finally, whether you plan to leverage AI or push back against its use in your subjects – it is useful to know about existing AI tools and applications. For a comprehensive and current list, see https://www.futurepedia.io/"


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