Oxide AI

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Quantified AI Decisions™

Oxide AI develops proprietary AI technology for large-scale optimization, combining in-house Computational AI and the latest Generative AI methodologies to deliver superior intelligence and insights. 

Oxide AI is transforming real-world data chaos into investment insights with Oxogen, AI-companion for financial opportunities discovery. Oxogen AI is a new class of financial services, where AI automatically performs analysis of whole markets by doing deep web research, far beyond what people or even large organizations are able to do. 

Oxogen will also be available in Virtual Reality (VR/AR). 

Visit https://oxogen.ai/ or download app from your app store!


Office / Work location

Västergatan 18b, Malmö, Sweden launch

Our Specialities

Competence & Expertise, Data, Technology
Information Technology, Financial
IT & Software, Innovation, Production, Research & Development, Sustainability
Creation, Discovery, Language, Optimization, Prediction
Clustering, DNN, Explainability and Interpretability, GAN, Generative AI, Machine Learning, NLP, Reinforcement, Self/Unsupervised
Structured Data, Synthetic, Textual Data, Time series, Unstructured Data
Platform / Product