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Oxide AI develops proprietary AI technology for large-scale optimization, combining in-house Computational AI and the latest Generative AI methodologies to deliver superior intelligence and insights. 

Oxide AI is transforming real-world data chaos into investment insights with Oxogen, AI-companion for financial opportunities discovery. Oxogen AI is a new class of financial services, where AI automatically performs analysis of whole markets by doing deep web research, far beyond what people or even large organizations are able to do. 

Oxogen will also be available in Virtual Reality (VR/AR).


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2023-11-19 13:17 Page News
Oxide AI has introduced beta version of Oxogen AI. What is Oxogen? It is designed to become your AI companion for discovery of financial opportunities.

No more need to manually study overwhelming stock screeners or follow endless social streams; master information overload with Oxogen, where AI, engineering and science discover the best opportunities for you every day.

We start with the health sector, since it is one of the most volatile and difficult areas to successfully invest in. We provide daily insights into this market, helping you discover opportunities in biotech, medical technology, life science, big pharma and research-oriented companies.

Even if you are less interested in biotech, stay with us and help our smart systems self-improve by using Oxogen regularly. We will soon expand our domains of expertise into AI, solar, robotics, and more. 

Enhance your productivity and excel at accomplishing your goals with Oxogen’s daily opportunities flow.

Have a look at our beta on https://oxogen.ai.

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2023-10-18 15:29 Video Articles & EditorialOther
Oxide AI is excited to share the upcoming OXO-launch of a new financial information service that employs advanced AI to automatically do qualitative and quantitative research of whole markets. The generated insights are available as consumer application and via API services. 

Why are we doing this? In the times of information overload and excessive financial tools, it is hard to understand what matters most. So we are introducing the next-level financial markets experience where Oxide’s AI engines do all the heavy weight lifting behind the scenes to offer you high-value insights. 

Enjoy the investment opportunities flow on its brand new homepage https://oxogen.ai.


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