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Violet AI is a machine learning consultancy firm focusing on helping customers go from idea to production.

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Kungsgatan 26, Stockholm, Sweden launch

Our Specialities

Competence & Expertise, Culture & Mindset, Data, Ecosystem & Partners, Execution, Organization, Technology, Usecases & Inspiration, Vision & Strategy
Information Technology
IT & Software
Creation, Discovery, Language, Optimization, Prediction
Clustering, CNN, Decision Tree, DNN, Explainability and Interpretability, Generative AI, Graph Neural Networks, Image Analysis, ML Ops, Machine Learning, Multimodal, NLP, Recurrent Neural Networks, Self/Unsupervised, Supervised, Transformer
Geospatial Data, Sensor Data, Structured Data, Synthetic, Textual Data, Time series, Unstructured Data
Advisory / Consultancy, Service / Offering


Johannes Koch Executive
Emil Fleron Other role