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2023-11-21 10:59 Weblink Articles & Editorial
This month marks a year since OpenAI released ChatGPT into the market, taking AI from a futuristic concept, for many, to a daily reality. Today, thousands of companies across industries and geographies are using gen AI to radically transform business activities and create value—our latest research estimates that gen AI could add up to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy, write McKinsey’s Michael Chui, Eric Hazan, Roger Roberts, Alex Singla, Kate Smaje, Alex Sukharevsky, Lareina Yee, and Rodney Zemmel. On the first birthday of the fastest-growing app in history, check out these 12 must-reads on gen AI to understand the technology’s developments over the past year and what may lie ahead.
2023-11-20 14:55 Post Knowledgebase
How should CFOs approach generative AI—enterprise-wide and in the finance function—and what can they do right now to rapidly climb the learning curve?
2023-11-02 11:11 Weblink Research & Reports
Generative AI has hit the ground running—so fast that it can feel hard to keep up. Here’s a quick take pulled from our top articles and reports on the subject.
2023-10-20 10:31 Weblink Research & Reports
Rapporten har tagits fram av McKinsey i Sverige. Den bygger på en större rapport med titeln "The economic value of generative AI”, som gavs ut av McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) i juni 2023.

McKinsey i Sverige och MGI har tagit fram de respektive rapporterna på eget, självständigt initiativ. Arbetet har inte utförts på uppdrag av annan part.

Syftet med den här rapporten är att belysa hur användningen av generativ artificiell intelligens (generativ AI eller ”gen AI”) kan komma att påverka svenskt näringsliv. Metodiken som låg till grund för huvudrapporten från MGI har tillämpats på statistik från bland annat Statistiska centralbyrån (SCB), Statista, Europakommissionen, Svensk Försäkring, Eurostat, OECD och Gedi. Källhänvisningar anges löpande. För mer detaljerad information om metodik, se sidorna 19 och 20.

Gen AI-teknikens främsta bidrag i näringslivet är ökad automatisering av arbetsuppgifter. Sådan automatisering frigör tid som medarbetare kan lägga på andra uppgifter, vilket i sin tur öppnar för ökad produktivitet och ekonomisk vinning. Detta beskrivs i rapporten som gen AI teknikens värdeskapande potential. Störst värdeskapande potential har generativ AI i kombination med befintlig artificiell intelligens och andra tekniker. McKinseys perspektiv och slutsatser grundar sig på insikter i skrivande stund (september 2023). Teknikutvecklingen går fort och prognoser kan komma att revideras. M ed den här rapporten vill vi tillgängliggöra data och insikter som kan bidra till ett faktabaserat samtal om användningen av generativ AI i Sverige framöver.

2023-10-08 20:10 Weblink Articles & Editorial
Consumers are experimenting with the latest generative AI applications to write text, compose music, and create digital art. Now, a broader set of stakeholders are grappling with the technology’s impact on business and society. What lies ahead? “[Our research] suggests that gen AI is poised to transform roles and boost performance across functions such as sales and marketing, customer operations, and software development,”
2023-07-03 11:33 Post Knowledgebase
Most companies have started a digital and AI transformation, but very few have done the fundamental organizational rewiring needed to build the capabilities to drive continuous innovation across the enterprise. After analyzing the results of 200 large-scale digital and AI transformations, McKinsey has found that long-term success comes when the C-suite fundamentally changes their talent, operating model, technology and data capabilities.

For the first time, Rewired translates the hard-won lessons McKinsey has learned helping companies deliver successful digital and AI transformations into a detailed “how to” manual. This playbook, which McKinsey has been developing and using with clients for the past six years, lays out exactly what it takes to build the capabilities to continually create great customer experiences, lower costs, and build value. It contains diagnostic assessments, operating model designs, best practices and detailed implementation methods, all exemplified with real-life case studies and illustrated with 100+ exhibits.

Business leaders will be digitally transforming their companies for the rest of their careers. Rewired is the reference manual they need for the journey.

2023-06-15 14:17 Weblink Research & Reports
Generative AI is poised to unleash the next wave of productivity. We take a first look at where business value could accrue and the potential impacts on the workforce.

Generative AI’s impact on productivity could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy—and the era is just beginning.


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