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The Data Factory is an essential tool for driving innovation and implementing artificial intelligence in Sweden. It offers a range of resources, including infrastructure, data storage, and specialized knowledge, to our partners. By working with us, partners have the opportunity to tackle their own specific challenges or participate in ongoing projects and experiments within our Training and Testbed environment.

At the Data Factory, partners can:

  • Use of conference rooms and event space
  • Participation in all data factory partner events
  • Test state-of-the-art hardware
  • Participate in legal and strategic expert groups
  • Place a high-potential employee with us for a defined time, as part of their professional development
  • Use of our knowledge-sharing videos
  • Access to our reports
  • Use the lab for showcases and photo sessions

Premium access. This may come at a cost depending on partnership status and type of activity

  • Develop and test solutions in a production-like environment in collaboration with AI Sweden’s technical experts
  • Identify your own unique AI challenge and run these use cases in AI Sweden’s infrastructure with the support of our technical experts. For example, Bring your own data or use the available datasets in the Data Factory to develop your solutions
  • Set up a hackathon to explore different ways to solve a specific AI challenge
  • Engage in research and master thesis projects
  • Propose new initiatives you want to explore collaboratively
  • Initiate a consortium or project or join an existing consortium such as the Edge learning consortium

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