Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre

AI Consulting & Services
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The Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre (FCC) provides contract research, services, algorithms, and software based on advanced mathematics within modelling, simulation, optimization, and data analytics. 

FCC incorporates experts in systems & data analysis, pharmacometrics, machine learning & artificial intelligence, fluid & structural dynamics, statistics, numerical analysis, and software development within a tightly integrated environment of about 70 employees, many of which are holding a PhD in their respective subject. 

The centre is divided into three departments; Geometry and motion planning, Computational engineering and design, and Systems and data analysis.

FCC has extensive activities involving applied artificial intelligence and machine learning and is part of Chalmers AI Research center (, the Fraunhofer Center for Machine Learning ( – a part of the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies, AI Sweden (


Office / Work location

Chalmers Science Park, Göteborg, Sweden launch

Our Specialities

Competence & Expertise, Technology, Usecases & Inspiration
Automotive, Energy, Food & Farming, Health, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Research, Space
Research & Development
Prediction, Optimization, Robotics
Clustering, CNN, Decision Tree, DNN, Explainability and Interpretability, Federated, GAN, Image Analysis, Machine Learning, NLP, Recurrent Neural Networks, Reinforcement, Supervised, Transformer, Self/Unsupervised
Geospatial Data, Image Data, Sensor Data, Structured Data, Synthetic, Time series, Unstructured Data
Advisory / Consultancy, Service / Offering