Generative AI for Everyone

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Learn how generative AI works, and how to use it in your life and at work

Instructed by AI pioneer Andrew Ng, Generative AI for Everyone offers his unique perspective on empowering you and your work with generative AI. Andrew will guide you through how generative AI works and what it can (and can’t) do. It includes hands-on exercises where you’ll learn to use generative AI to help in day-to-day work and receive tips on effective prompt engineering, as well as learning how to go beyond prompting for more advanced uses of AI.

You’ll delve into real-world applications and learn common use cases, and get hands-on time with generative AI tools to put your knowledge into action, and gain insight into AI’s impact on both business and society.

This course was created to ensure everyone can be a participant in our AI-powered future.

  • Learn directly from Andrew Ng about the technology of generative AI, how it works, and what it can (and can’t) do
  • Get an overview of AI tools, and learn from real-world examples of generative AI in use today
  • Understand the impacts of generative AI on business and society to develop effective AI strategies and approaches


Beginner, Intermediate
Generative AI