Data Governance

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73d ago
Vocational training in Data Governance for professionals with at least one year's working life experience of handling data for analytical, productive and/or administrative purposes. The course has two parts:

  1. Data Governance - Fundamentals

Part one focuses on the fundamental principles and concepts of Data Governance, including:  

  • Definitions, objectives and value of  Data Governance.
  • Data Ownership, roles and responsibilities.
  • Methods for data quality and reliability.
  • Data classification based on relevant factors
  • Compliance with rules and regulations for data security and integrity 
  1. Data Governance - Implementations

Part two focuses on the practical implementation of Data Governance, including:

  • Creation and implementation of an administrative framework that defines processes, roles and responsibilities for Data Governance
  • Establishment of distinct areas of data ownership and data  responsibilities 
  • Strategies and tools for monitoring and improving data quality
  • Implementation of guidelines and processes for data protection and compliance
  • Handling of data life cycles, from collection to storing and disposal
  • Legal and ethical aspects of Data Governance, including laws, rules and ethical guidelines with relevance for data management and protection
  • Technical tools and solutions
  • Communicative strategies and methods of change management  for the successful implementation and maintenance of Data Governance


Business Developer, Communications, Data Engineer, Data Scientist
Authority & Agency, Automotive, Civil Society, Education, Energy, Financial, Food & Farming, Forestry & Wood
Accounting & Finance, Innovation, Legal & Compliance, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Communications, Operations, Production, Research & Development, Sales
Creation, Prediction
Sensor Data, Structured Data, Textual Data, Time series, Unstructured Data