”AI ACT Sandbox”

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2022-10-10 14:152022-12-31 14:15
”AI ACT Sandbox”

 Test your AI governance in a safe environment

As AI adoption accelerates, the technology poses ungoverned risks such as discrimination and privacy intrusion. EU has recognized the perils of ungoverned AI with the first regulation on AI – the AI Act.

Currently, all organizations need to prepare for the regulation that is expected in 2024. It will require substantial reporting on AI projects.​ This means that organizations need to consider ethical AI across all functions within the organization. The regulation could become an administrative wet blanket or a competitive edge, creating customer and stakeholder trust.

anch.AI is rooted in multidisciplinary research. Since 2018 we have helped organizations detect, measure and govern ethical and legal risk in their AI project. That makes us leaders of ethical AI governance in practice, with an ambition to release the real power of AI.

The sandbox is a forum for knowledge sharing, discussions on best practices, and it will give you the latest updates on the regulation.

Together, we lead the way to accelerate responsible AI!

Learn more: https://anch.ai/anch-ais-eu-ai-act-sandbox/


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