AI for Global Climate Cooperation

2022-08-01 10:502023-02-15 10:50
Mila and Salesforce AI Research have joined forces to launch the AI for Global Climate Cooperation (AI4GCC) initiative, inviting researchers across disciplines to collaborate and find new ways to design international agreements to foster global cooperation.

Participants will be provided with an open-source simulator to test and design proposals using combined expertise in ML, economics, climate modeling, political science, law, ethics & more. Register today, form a team, compete for the best agreements and negotiation protocols, and become part of the working group collaboration to create a positive impact on the world. To view our code and for more info, visit

Why participate?

First of all, come learn and innovate! We want to motivate you to do original research in this scientific area. Our competition is a way to test and compare your ideas. Our jury will also provide feedback on your solutions and ideas.

We will organize a workshop in December 2022. Top performing teams will be invited to present their work there. We also invite all teams to submit a workshop-style paper to document their findings, which will be peer-reviewed and published in the competition proceedings. Check out our schedule to learn more!

We plan to write a research paper based on the findings in the competition, coauthored by the working group. We will invite teams as coauthors whose findings are of sufficient scientific or policymaking novelty. This work will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. This work will also be reviewed for ethical use.

Given sufficient findings, we intend to write a policy brief with actionable insights for policymakers. This brief will be distributed and promoted through our partners. We also plan to organize a marketing campaign, e.g., through blogs and press releases around the findings of the competition.


Legal & Compliance, Research & Development, Sustainability