Image Search - Looking for a partner

2022-06-21 09:202022-12-31 09:20
We are looking for a partner in the eCommerce sector that wants to co-develop our image similarity model (which today is in a POC stage) and has a need of improving this. If you are working within retail and the areas of clothings, tools or furniture, then this could be of interest to you.

The co-development of the project is flexible and discussed based on the scope and need we both have connected to this.

Personalized recommendations are starting to be part of many web stores built with different levels of detail. Image search can be used either as an inspirational addition to a website as such, it can be used in-house to find specific objects matching another object or used in stores to find a specific tool or garment. 

ImSim is an advanced search product using image similarity. Pre-trained on hundreds of thousands of images within a specific field (clothing, tools, furniture), fine-tuned and validated on your unique data, and tailored to the data environment. 

Modulai ImSim will consider all of the different variables and weigh them to suggest the most similar product based on the input.

Idea of Solution:
1. User takes a picture

2. ImSim search through your database

3. The user gets the most similar product

Contact Viktor Öberg at for more info.


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